The Ducati Unica programme will create one-off designs

If your creativity is as big as your bank balance, Ducati will create a bespoke bike for you through its latest programme. 

Being part of the same family that includes Lamborghini has provided Ducati access to learning ways of better serving high net worth customers. Its latest initiative is straight from the Sant’Agata playbook. Ducati Unica is a new programme for well-heeled customers who want a bike created especially for them. Going far beyond ticking all the options boxes and adding accessories at your local dealer, Unica affords customers the opportunity to liaise directly with the company’s design team to turn an idea into the real thing.

“Design is a distinctive element of our creations,” says Andrea Ferraresi, Director of Centro Stile Ducati. “We wanted to give Ducatisti the chance to identify themselves even more with their own bike, making it a direct expression of each person’s individual style. Therefore, we created Ducati Unica, an exclusive programme that testifies to the excellence of Made in Italy of which Ducati is a representative in the world. 

“An exciting and unforgettable experience of customisation to be experienced directly within our Centro Stile. The moment in which Ducatisti finally see their bike is very exciting for us at the Centro Stile and a source of great pride.” 

How does Ducati Unica work? 

Tempted? If you want to drop a load of money on having the factory design team make your dream Ducati a reality get in touch with your local dealer, who can then request access to the programme. If Ducati likes the cut of your jib and your idea is ‘considered to be in line with the values of the brand’.

Ducati says that it will only accept ‘an extremely limited number of requests each year’ due to the nature of the work and how time-consuming the process can be. Presumably, it will be cherry-picking the most interesting and lucrative applications. 

Ducati Unica sample

Once your Unica application (via your Ducati dealer) is accepted, discussions begin with the designers in the Centro Stile to start fleshing out the concept digitally and through sketches. Typically, some fine-tuning and input from the design side can help evolve the idea at this part of the design process. 

Different paint finishes and possibly even paint-to-sample colours could be theoretically possible. Ducati also talks about the use of dedicated finishes and even the use of precious materials. Fancy a titanium frame for your crocodile skin Diavel? It could be possible, though Ducati is likely to only stick to things that don’t require any need for homologation or expose any dynamic and handling issues. 

Ducati Unica Scrambler

Throughout the design process, owners (or should that be creators?) can visit the Centro Stile Ducati to see the progress first-hand. Once the bike is signed off and production is completed, the finished item is presented to its owner at a special delivery ceremony. Owners will undoubtedly be made to feel like motorcycling royalty and they will also receive a certificate of uniqueness from the programme. Crucially for those lucky owners, Ducati also says that it will ensure that no design is replicated, guaranteeing its bespoke criteria.