Spinning The Rear – Ben Spies Missing In Action

If you take a look at the results sheet in Jerez and you’re a Yamaha fan, you could be forgiven for despairing. Jorge had been unable to ride in the moody wake of Casey Stoner and Ben Spies was so far back he was nowhere to be seen. In fact, you’d be right.

We here at 50to70 have uncovered evidence to suggest that Ben wasn’t there at all!

As you can see above the, Ducati’s of Rossi and Barbera are fighting or position whilst the lone the No.11 Yamaha tries to hang on without its rider.

Yamaha have since denied the now ever growing rumor of the remote control bike. Though remote controlled things are popular with many 8 year old children, and some groups of nerds, Yamaha claim “Ben was definitely there, we are sure of it, and we definitely weren’t testing some remote control GPS track electronics to see if we could just get rid of riders altogether. No sireee”

50to70 went talk to Spies for comment but unfortunately could not find him. Let’s hope he crops up before the weekends race at Estoril.

In the meantime, here is our Top 5 remote controlled things:

5. The toy car that chased Dirty Harry

4. The bombs on the bus in Speed (well they were trying to kill Keanu Reeves)

3. The Fembots from Austin Powers

2. The tv remote

1. Dani Pedrosa