Brabus Rocket 900 boosts the AMG GT to, well, 900hp

New Brabus Rocket 900 ‘One Of Ten’ model will be one of, er, ten built.

Because obviously, a standard Mercedes-AMG GT four-door coupe, with its mighty 639hp twin-turbo V8 engine, is just not going to be enough. You’re going to want more. No, wait. You’re going to want MOAR! You need to go to Brabus.

900hp 4.5-litre twin-turbo

Brabus is based in Bottrop, a picturesque town near Essen in the heart of Germany’s home of heavy industry, the Ruhr valley. Bottrop is famous for three things. Its ‘Movie Park’ theme-park (featuring the SpongeBob Splash Bash); the fact that it’s twinned with Blackpool, in England; and the fact that it’s the home of Brabus — arch-tuners of all things insanely Mercedes.

Brabus Rocket 900 rear badge

Brabus, which in the past has not been above the slotting of 7.3-litre V12 engines into a C-Class, has decided that the regular (shall we say ‘vanilla’?) AMG GT S is just not good enough, and so has decided to cram some chillies up its exhaust. So to speak.

The Brabus Rocket 900 ‘One Of Ten’ may sound like it’s a member of The Borg, but with 900hp on tap, resistance probably really is futile. To get to that figure, Brabus has bored-out the AMG 4.0-litre V8 to 4.5-litres, given it a special precision-balanced billet crankshaft with matching pistons and rods, and even increased the cylinder bores a little.

Then, Brabus adds its twin-turbo setup, including turbos with a larger compressor unit than the production components and a special core assembly with reinforced axial bearing. Boost pressure increases to 1.4-bar. There’s also an integrated carbon ram-air intake system on the left and right in the radiator grille and a bespoke Brabus high-pressure fuel injection system. The upshot of all that is that 900hp figure, plus 1,050Nm of torque.

Actually, the engine would develop 1,250Nm, but Brabus trims that a little to prevent the gearbox from turning into a cloud of shrapnel every time you go to the shops. You’ll not be long getting to the shops, either — 0-100km/h is done and dusted in 2.8secs, and the Rocket One Of Ten will hit 300km/h, from a standing start, in just 23.9secs. Top speed is limited to 330km/h, just to be on the safe side, mostly because if it went any faster, this 2.1-tonne superweapon would probably melt its tyres.

Naked carbon for the Brabus Rocket 900

Wanna know the economy and emissions? 11.5-litres per 100km and 260g/km of CO2, which to be honest isn’t half as bad as we were expecting.

All that power goes to all four wheels via the Speedshift MCT-9 dual-clutch transmission and the 4MATIC+ four-wheel-drive system. The wheels themselves are ten-spoke specially forged items, which Brabus says trip a think line between lightness and strength. They’re 21-inch diameter on the front, and 22-inch at the rear, and are topped off with aero-friendly covers made from what Brabus calls ‘naked carbon.’ Steady on, there…

Rocket 900 wheel cover

Brabus even gives the Rocket 900 its bespoke air suspension, Brabus Airmatic Sport, which has two modes — Comfort and Sport — and which lowers the car by up to 25mm for superior aero performance. The brakes — carbon-ceramic, natch — have swollen to a massive 402mm at the front, and 360mm at the rear.

Rocket 900 rear

Wider, carbon arches

Style-wise, Brabus has flared the AMG GT body out by 78mm, adding custom-made carbon-fibre wheelarches, with Kevlar linings. The front end has been redesigned with more air-intakes to feed the massive brakes and that hot engine, and there’s a new chin spoiler to reduce front-end lift.

Rocket 900 wing

At the back, there’s a multi-section carbon rear wing, plus a big diffuser under the bumper, and more naked carbon panels scattered about. Brabus developed a special Stealth Grey paint finish, and it’s covered up all the chrome in the same shade.

Inside, there’s more Stealth Grey piping for the leather and Alcantara trim, and a quilted ‘crest’ Brabus coat of arms on the doors and seats. Some 215 individual switches and components have been specially painted in the body colour.

How much? €427,000 to you sir, but that’s the export price, so doesn’t include local taxes nor VAT.