Cleaning tips to get rid of dead bugs dead fast and dead cheap

Coming into the warmer weather means long summer bike rides and road trips will soon be a more regular occurrence! Hurrah!

But those gloriously long evenings and sunny weather bring with them plenty of bugs that unfortunately end up splattered across motorcycle windshields and helmets and car windscreens and bumpers.

If you are riding or driving a lot, cleaning dried bug juice can get expensive and tiring, but we’ve got a really simple and inexpensive cleaning tip for getting rid of those dead bugs.

BMW K 1600 B side profile

First, venture to the shop and get a cheapo jar of mayonnaise (not the low fat stuff) or creamy/smooth peanut butter (do not get the crunchy stuff).

You’ll also need some vehicle-approved soft cloths or tumble drier sheets. Pick whichever is the cheapest.

Cover the mess with some of the mayonnaise or peanut butter and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth or tumble drier sheet. The bugs should wipe off easily enough thanks to the combo of lemon juice and oil in the mayo and the natural oils in the peanut butter.

Et voilà! Bug free for practically free! 

Another useful cleaning tip for debugging your helmet is is to drape some wet kitchen towel over it and leave it to sit for about ten minutes. Then simply wipe it off, ensuring that you picked a strong towel to start with, and most of the deceased bugs should come with it.

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