Blood Bikes get an easier trip

Blood Bikes is a registered not-for-profit Irish charity that was established by a group of volunteers.  A fleet of specially equipped motorcycles forms a network that covers Ireland to assist with the timely delivery of blood, breast milk and other medical items to hospitals and medical centres nationwide 365 days a year. This helps to reduce the load on the emergency services. Now, Easytrip Ireland, provider of mobility solutions such as electronic toll tags, has stepped in to cover the costs of all toll costs incurred by Blood Bikes.

Easytrip’s help

Ciaran Doyle, Marketing and Sales Manager of Easytrip Ireland said: “Blood Bikes play a crucial part in bringing blood to hospitals and medical centres across Ireland and we are delighted to be able to cover their toll charges so that they can reach those most in need. Blood Bikes provide a vital service, free of charge, ensuring other emergency services are not taken out of service. We hope that Blood Bikes will be made exempt from tolling soon and in the interim we are more than happy to cover their tolls to ensure their service continues without delay.”

“We very much appreciate Easytrip stepping in and coming to our aid. Knowing that our toll charges are covered is a huge source of comfort to us. Easytrip has stepped up to play their part in supporting communities throughout Ireland that rely on our service and we thank them. Our service is about the speed we can delivery and we were facing having to extend our journey times to avoid tolled roads, effectively putting lives at risk, but we don’t have to anymore thanks to Easytrip”, said Fergus Lennon, spokesperson of Blood Bikes Leinster.

What is Blood Bikes?

The Blood Bikes organisation is entirely dependent on public and private donations, which ensures that it can provide its vital service free of charge. All riders give their time freely in order to provide this often life-saving service around the clock.