Ferrari FF by Novitec Rosso


German tuning specialists Novitec Rosso have just unveiled their latest upgrade kit for the all wheel drive Ferrari FF. The options vary from small aero parts to complete engine upgrades. 

The FF was already a more aggressive looking car than its predecessor the 612, and now the Novitec bodywork components make it look even more dynamic. The carbon fibre front spoiler lips give it a lower stance while the side skirts are reminiscent of what appeared on the 599 GTO. Towards the rear a re-designed diffuser and added rear spoiler change the back end to improve air flow and stability and the use of their trademark black LED rear lamps makes this instantly recognizable as a Novitec.

Other visual treats include carbon fibre wing mirrors, roof cladding and radiator grills. Larger wheels are offered, 21 inch front and 22 inch rears add to the sportier image that sees it look more performance car than big GT car.

In the engine department, the Germans have developed a stainless steel high-performance exhaust system that includes a butterfly value that can be controlled via a control on the steering wheel. An engine re-map can boost horsepower by an additional 42 bhp when combined with the exhaust system raising the total power output to a whopping 702 bhp. This re-map gives the engine a crisper response and a higher top end speed of 340 km/h.

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