spinning the rear: Pedrosa comes up short in yacht exam

It has emerged that our pint-sized Pedrosa has found himself in hot water after been questioned by the Spanish police for cheating at a yachting exam.

Pedrosa, often visible through high powered microscopes, had been really looking forward to this exam. However, armed with the knowledge of several ruined days to Seaworld, due to his inability to meet height restrictions on the log ride, Pedrosa prepared for the worst.

Sporting a new type of carbon fibre height adjustable deck shoe, Pedrosa attempted to dupe Spanish examining authorities into believing him to be of “smallish teenage height” and therefore allowing him some soda and letting him onto the yacht. The shoes, which were developed by HRC with input from Bridgestone, are said to offer enhanced wet weather gripping ability, along with obvious performance gains in the elevation department. The FIM are currently investigating the legality of the shoes for MotoGP.

Spanish police were not amused, and visibly recoiled at the garish Repsol colour scheme, marking the shoes as “suspicious”, and ultimately giving the game away for Pedrosa.

Pedrosa stated “Following bad advice, I made a mistake” which at least proves there is some human in the little automaton. Who here can honestly say they haven’t followed bad advice to make a mistake? Dani must surely been now asking himself – “What would Yonny have done?”

Lets hope for some more juicy action at this weekend’s race at Qatar.