Spinning the rear: Excitement is Catching for Yonny Hernandez

(Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images AsiaPac)

They say words are wind, but this might be a case of words being like the soft breeze resulting from a sick kittens cough. Yonny Hernandez, of Avintia Racing team, fresh from the final day of Jerez testing has boldly claimed:

“I am quite excited because we can actually measure up with the other CRTs, but we still have a lot of room for improvement. De Puniet managed to escape a little… but we´ll catch up with him!”

This excitement has stemmed from his exciting lap of 1.42.9 around the Jerez circuit which excitingly left him at the bottom of the timesheets, an exciting 4.1 seconds slower than Casey Stoner and an equally exciting 2.3 seconds slower than Aspar’s Randy DePuniet. Exciting, indeed.

To put it in perspective, 2.3 seconds over an average 30 lap race is more than a minute behind come race end.  Randy would in fact have time to cook some 1 minute noodles, make some tea and probably do a little bit of contemporary art before young Yonny crosses the line. When MotoGP places are often decided by fractions of a second, fractions of an hour just won’t cut it.

So, we here at 50to70 have put together the Top 5 things Yonny is likely to catch before he catches Randy on the race track.

Yonny’s Things to Catch List

5. The bus, to the European rounds

4. The mystical dragon from Eragon

3. A falling star

2. A tow from the pace car

1. Randy De Puniet