RIAC National Classic Car Show – Feb 9 & 10

The weekend of February 9th & 10th will see the first national car show to be organised by the RIAC since 1908 which will take place at the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin. The event is due to bring together an eclectic mix of vehicles that will span the last century of motoring in Ireland.

Bob Montgomery, Event Co-ordinator, stated, “We are thrilled with the response from the clubs and individual collectors who want to be part of this event. I can confirm that we will have a fantastic representation of vehicles from early in the 1900’s right up to more modern cars that are already viewed as classics of the future. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we had vehicles that were at our last show in 1908 as new cars, now on display this time as timeless classics. All I can say is If you like motor cars this is a must-see event to put into your calenders.”

In addition to a vast display of cars there will also be numerous experts and owners on hand to offer advice on things like restoration as well as discussing the pro’s and con’s of owning vintage vehicles.

Bob Montgomery continued, “I feel that it is very important for those of us involved in the classic car scene that we have an opportunity to share our enthusiasm with others. We have not forgotten that enthusiasts have families as well. That is why the Show is geared to being a family friendly weekend. We are also hoping that we can show people that there are classic cars that are affordable and easy to maintain yet continue to have that unexplainable je ne sai quoi that make them so desirable. Aside from the cars it should be a great day out for everyone.”

The RIAC National Classic Car Show runs on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of February, 2013, open 10am – 6pm each day. More details can be found on their website here.