Fiat & Mazda To Co-Develop Roadster – News

With the news this morning that Fiat and Mazda have signed ‘a non binding memorandum of understanding’ to develop and manufacture a new lightweight, rear wheel drive, two-seater roadster. Naturally sharing development costs makes it far more affordable for manufacturers to produce new vehicles but it’s not quite clear yet as to whether this will replicate what Toyota and Subaru have done with the GT-86/BRZ. The press release states that both brands will employ their own distinctive design language and powertrains, so we may see two very different looking models unlike the ‘Toyobaru’ which barring front and rear bumpers look identical.

Naturally Mazda have quite a degree of expertise in this field, their MX-5 model is one of the most popular small roadsters of all time. What is even more interesting is the further announcement that an Alfa Romeo variant will come in 2015, a model which will be different again from the forthcoming 4C. Could this be the revival of a new Alfa Spider that’s more reminiscent of its ancestor from the 1960’s? The Spider remains one of Alfa’s most iconic models and despite producing modern versions that bore the same name, they never quite replicated the simplicity and elegance that the first Spiders had. We’ll keep an eye on this developing story and update you soon.