Desmosedici Flat Tracker

When it was first launched in 2006, the world jumped at the idea of being able to own what was pretty much a full on Moto GP spec bike for the road. Ducati would build only 1,500 examples, and on launch day, the US sold their entire allocation in five hours. Not bad for a bike that would retail at close to €60,000.

Many new owners were collectors and it was feared that most of these bikes would be stored away as potential ‘investments’. Thankfully, a lot of owners thoroughtly enjoyed riding their Desmosedici’s, many at trackdays as well as on the road. One owner took it a step further.

The original Desmosedici blew the motorcycling world away when it was launched.

Roland Sands was a relatively successful motorcycle racer in the US before moving into the world of custom bike building and eventually setting up his own company which today manufactures custom bikes and a vast range of accessories. He wanted a make a unique Desmosedici, so he got to work on his own, eventually turning it into what you see here, probably the maddest flat tracker you’ll see. Close to 200 bhp. Less than 190 kgs. And Ducati aren’t too pleased he did it.