Vintage 250 GTO Footage

Those of you who know me will be all too aware that if there was just one car above all others that I could own, it would be any one of the 39 Ferrari 250 GTO’s that were manufactured for racing in the early 1960’s. Each one was different in one way or another, some even had totally different body styles, something I may cover in a later post. All were raced to varying degrees of success, and some are still raced to this day in competitive classic race series. Nowadays you will struggle to find one come up for sale, and when they do, typically they sell for well north of €12,000,000. Yep, twelve million.

But there was a time, back in their heyday that they weren’t so expensive and owners used them on the roads, this 5 minute clip shows just how fantastic they were back in they’re day. Oh to have been around then…..