Xtreme.ie Buggies

Xtreme.ie Buggies - guaranteed giggles

When the invite came in from Xtreme.ie, Ireland’s premier off-road & events specialists, to visit their Courtlough site to try out their new Xtreme Buggies I just couldn’t say no! These twin engined buggies are primarily used in team building events as they have dual controls – each engine powers each rear wheel. Rather than having a steering wheel, you simply have a left & right throttle levers  like on a tank. Despite these engines being turned down to just over 50% of their power, they still pack plenty of punch and are an absolute hoot to drive, either as a team or solo. For more info, or if you fancy trying them out for yourself simply visit Xtreme.ie Here’s a little video we put together on the day using some GoPro cameras