The New Chrysler 300C

Chrysler is back with an all new version of their flagship model – the 300C. Now under the wing of the Fiat Group, Chrysler is once again doing what it does so well – creating high quality products at reasonable prices. Visually the new 300C, like its predecessor, is a seriously impressive vehicle that offers real presence on the road. 

Some Italian style influence has made its way into the re-designed interior. Touch-screen displays, plush leather and ‘open-pore wood’ finishes befit a car that should cost substantially more. On the exterior, updates include new LED rear light clusters and a new yet familiar face up front. Its all new but still instantly recognisable as the 300C.

Coming in early 2012, the new Chrysler 300C looks bang up to date

Under that expansive bonnet will lurk a choice of two 3.0 litre V6 turbo-diesels offering power outputs of 190bhp & 239bhp respectively. The latter also generates a whopping 55Nm of torque. Prices and final specs will be officially unveiled nearer to its Spring 2012 launch.