Putting the Lost in Lotus

There are some very determined people working at Lotus these day that are keen to see the iconic brand, known for its light-weight sportscars, rise and start to take on brands that were once deemed to be in a far superior league. Under the leadership of Danny Bahar, who’s previous role was as Senior Vice President for Brand Management at Ferrari, Lotus have outlined a rather optimistic product line up due to arrive in the coming years. This included larger and more luxurious sportscars including a new Esprit (yes please) and an Eterne ‘super saloon’ (no thanks). They have even planned a luxury city car along the lines of the Aston Martin Cygnet.

Most purists found this to go against the grain, insisting that Lotus should stick to building small, fast sportscars. The media was shocked by Bahar’s wild plans when he first unveiled them, but praised him for taking the bold step in publicly announcing such an optimistic plan. But secretly most people agreed that is was becoming clear that Lotus did appear to have completely lost the plot. Personally, although I admire some of their modern cars, I have found it hard to keep track of all the different model variants that have come out over the years. There’s the Elise, Exige, Exige 240R, Exige GT3, Exige 265E, GT3 Exige, the list goes on and quite frankly its just too confusing. And now for 2012 Lotus have just released a video to promote the new Exige S (creative naming eh?) which now produces 345 bhp in a car weighing just 1080kgs. To demonstrate the performance, the inspirational people in their marketing department produced a film where the car appears to take on a boxer, eventually doing so many doughnuts around him he appears to become dizzy and fall over. Or something along those lines. Its good to see that there are still some marketing people out there that are clearly still off their bin.