Irish Festival Of Speed

For a relatively small little island in the Atlantic, Ireland actually has quite an interesting and varied motorsport past. When most people think of Ireland and motorsport, they tend to come up with the Jordan Formula One team, Eddie Irvine racing for Ferrari and of course our nation’s almost constant stream of talented & successful motorcycle racers. But when you turn the clock back, and I mean way back, Ireland was one of the bigger venues on the world stage, especially during wartime era. In 1935, Limerick hosted the first of 3 Grands Prix (the equivalent to what is known today as F1), to which over 50,000 spectators attended. We’re also responsible for where the ‘British Racing Green’ colour originates.


With the demise of the Phoenix Park Motor Races several years ago, a group of enthusiasts have gotten together to help revive and celebrate our great motorsport past. On Sunday July 31st, Adare Manor will become the scene of one of the largest automotive events in recent years. The stunning grounds will host displays from a wide selection of owner’s clubs, a supercar paddock, concourse d’Elegance and its very own hillclimb event including demonstration laps by an ex Jordan F1 car. Morgan Cars will be displaying their new Three Wheeler and Aero 8 models, while Maserati will be unveiling the new GranTurismo MC Stradale for the first time on Irish shores. There will also be aerial treats above in the form of aerobatic & sky diving displays.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Irish Festival of Speed site.