When a standard Ferrari isn’t enough…

For some, owning one Ferrari just isn’t enough, they build collections. Then for an even more select few, a collection isn’t enough, they require something even more special – their very own one-of-a-kind Ferrari. This week, at The Villa d’Este Concours in Italy, the world caught its first glimpse of New York based Ferrari collector Peter Kalikow’s one off Ferrari Superamerica 45 commissioned to celebrate his 45 years of being a Ferrari owner.

Based on the very limited 599 SA Aperta, the 45 has a carbon fibre one-piece roof that rotates 180˚ to retract under a carbonfibre boot. The car is painted in a bespoke Blu Antille paint, and also has colour coded inserts in its alloy wheels. The colour is the same as Peter Kalikow’s 1961 400 Superamerica cabriolet, and features a chrome front grille and unique burnished aluminium A-pillars, wing mirrors and door handles. Inside the cabin, there’s dark blue carbonfibre trim on the dashboard, and Cuoio (deep beige) leather.

The carbon fibre roof pivots 180˚ from the boot

As with previous Ferrari’s from their Special Projects Programme, such as the P4/5 of James Glickenhaus and the SP1 of Japanese businessman and collector Junichiro Hiramatsu, in addition to the car itself, the owners also gain possession of all special tooling used to create the car, ensuring that their’s remains a one-off. Ferrari has the first option to buy back Special Projects cars and tooling to stop them from falling into the hands of speculators.