TomTom release new navigation app for iPhone

Lets face it, Apple’s Maps app is still awful. Thankfully TomTom have updated their new navigation app to take extra advantage of the new iPhone 5’s increased screen real estate.

The biggest plus with TomTom’s app is that it operates with or without a network signal, meaning that when you can save a fortune by not being hit with roaming charges when travelling to Narnia or other further afield places. Its €54.99 cost in the App Store might seem hefty, but you could easily rack up the same cost on one foreign trip.

  1. Riko

    If you think that’s bad try navigating to Old Trafford in Manchester using TomTom. It thkins Old Trafford is a council estate in Mossside and TomTom’s answer At some point this place might have moved and the authorities haven’t given us the right location yet , pull the other one Old Trafford is one of the famous places in Manchester (home to MUFC) and it’s never moved and I can’t even believe that the authorities would give them the wrong location for such a famous building!

    December 22nd, 2012 //

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